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by Hakeem IBRAHIM

Dear followers, contributors, assigned administrators, and all friends linked up directly or otherwise through other media hub, to this blog; you are all welcome.
Please, note that, the contents of this blog and all its related intellectual work are not intended to serve as legal advice in relation to any individual or corporate situations.
The published materials made available in this blog, from time-to-time are for informational and educational purposes only, and are provided with the understanding that the blog, entirely, is not providing legal advice on any topics treated, as may be related to your needs.
Therefore, for the requirements of legal advice, the services of a competently licensed attorney should be sought.
To this end, this blog and, or the author of its contents (a learner), are not liable to any litigation actions that may result from misunderstanding of information and or idea contrary to the above mentioned and all its related phenomenons.
I hope this information will be of help.
Thank you very much!



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