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by Hakeem IBRAHIM

posted in General.

Dear friends,

Request for Assistance to Complete MSc. Program

I think it will be an exceeding saving of time and more business-like if I avoid all preliminaries and go straight into the objectives of this letter.

I am writing as a financially suspended online Nigeria student at Walden University, 650 S. Exeter Street, Baltimore, MD. 21202. Telephone: +18009253368; with the following student details:

Student Name - Hakeem IBRAHIM

Student ID Number - A00589014

Study Program - M.S. in Human Resource Management

Due to my inability to support the study program as expected my two-semester outstanding fees rose to US$9,056.00 (Nine Thousand and Fifty-Six Dollars).

Although, the total fees required for the whole program are detailed below:

Total Tuition Fee - $27,300.00 (Books & materials included)

Total Technology fee - $800.00 (5 semesters)

Sub-total - $28,100.00

This is a staggering figure! More staggering indeed does it become, when it is realized that I, who owe or require this amount have nothing in all the world to transform to such a fortune, excepting my past academic certificates which qualified me to be admitted into the program, my good faith, and my God-given academic prowess which again are value only so long as I continue to breathe the breath of life!

I am currently, not only, a family man of four with two octogenarian parents as dependants, but also, their bread winner. With about US$300 (naira equivalent) as monthly salary, this take home is far below my needs; one major and important reason to think of furthering my educational ambition at MSc. level, possibly for better income to liberate myself from the hardship. With this salary, my commitments, and responsibilities; where on earth could I get this money? Who in Nigeria today could give US$28,100 free financial support to help his fellow-man? Henry Doherty, Esq., Moshood Abiola, and many others of illustrious memories who did the like to many successful Nigerians are no more. But, after meticulous shifting and weighing, I hit upon my readers, media houses, the concerned great citadel of learning, and many other well meaning individuals and corporate organizations from wherever you may be reading this, to hear about my predicaments for possible direct or indirect/ referral assistance.

I have no doubts whatsoever in my mind that, out of the bounty with which providence blesses you, you can as well easily afford this humanitarian assistance and service. I have no doubts too that, as a progressive and hopeful man, someone, somewhere will be quiet happy to assist me to pursue the program for which I desire it to a conclusive end.

But then, could any individual or organization take this risk? That is the question. As I have mentioned, I have no security to request for a loan, I have only paper certificates, faith, and interest. So that no individual or organization would think towards any gain from the whole transactions, except the satisfaction that by helping me to achieve my ambition, you are directly or indirectly helping my family, my developing nation-Nigeria, and even Africa as a whole.

As many sponsors may be ready to assist under certain conditions, such as, studying a particular course or attending a particular university of their choice, this could be possible but my interest, passion, and the outstanding payment at Walden University would continue to hunt my conscience and will not be to the interest of the school for future learners.

Therefore, if I live, by God’s grace as I am optimistic, my helper(s) will not only be happy to see me successful in life but also to the end of their days, have cause to rejoice that they have done one of the most outstanding and most philanthropic acts anybody ever does. Among other things, I shall make excellent use of the opportunity.

Finally, I proceed to the last stage of this letter that, if my request is failed and the opposite results; I think an ambitious man who has no money with which to support himself and his family comfortably, is like a blade without a razor. If I am on the verge of making money after my graduation as a qualified second degree holder, my sufferings have made me crashed again. As, ever since my childhood days, my educational career had recorded appreciable advances in spite of towering difficulties up till the two semesters I have participated in the M.S. HRM class, where I have also tried brilliantly in the four courses I have taken.

At this juncture, I had liked to suggest that, Walden University, individual, and/or organization, if possible, think of this simple alternative of providing better employment opportunity with my first degree certificates (available upon request), for me to be able to:

  1. Commence repayment of the outstanding fees from my salaries.
  2. Continue the program and graduate, as I believe in my interest, spirit of hard work, and the God-given intellectual ability required for sailing through the program successfully.
  3. Support my growing young-souls/family members and the aged parents, either outside or right in my home country.
  4. Possibly contribute and positively liberate others in my community, my developing nation, and Africa from related challenges in future.

Otherwise, all enquiries and financial supports whatsoever are directed to my student account at Walden University at the above address.

Now this is all I have to say. You have my request and the reasons for the request. Anyone can decide to assist in his/her own convenient way or in the manner outlined above. If you do me this great favor, not only I and all that are mine, but also God and Africans will be grateful.

I shall have no cause whatsoever to accept your proffered conditions of offer for assistance as long as they are legally acceptable to me and my family in the long run.

Moreover, since this is a personal request and as the saying goes “Those who do not request are not pitied”. This letter may get to many individuals, corporate bodies or government offices far and near via my blog, media houses, and my other social hub friends. Therefore, you are requested to confirm the author and authenticity of this letter from the following contacts:

  1. Walden University, USA. (Address Above) +1 800 925 3368, +1 612 925 3368
  2. Peter Czynsz (piotr.czynsz@waldenu.edu) +48587319253
  3. Luiz Maia (internationaladvising@waldenu.edu) +1 612 925 3368 Ext. 5371843
  4. Hakeem Ibrahim (hakeem.ibrahim@waldenu.edu, ibrahimhakeem@yahoo.com)

+234 805 102 0506.

Thanks for the time spent while your decision to be of kind assistance shall be well appreciated.

May God bless you all!



Hakeem A. IBRAHIM,

(Lagos. NIGERIA)

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