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Continuity of the Current Government in Nigeria

by Hakeem IBRAHIM

The caliber and set of people already and are most likely in the covers of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC); the huge amount of money in foreign currencies already siphoned out of the Nigerian government purse, and being currently investigated by the commission, the current and future damaging effects of their actions in such areas and aspects of our lives and our economy, such as, countless number of lost lives, scattered or displaced families, decadence in the standard of our education , poor road networks, poor rural/urban development, food shortages, lack of funds to remunerate currently serving, and pension for retired security personnel.

The bartered condition of our refineries where the so-called crude oil and its products, not minding the influence on our economy, are supposedly coming from, the continued neglect of the agricultural sector, and finally, the robust effects on other countries’ economy where our monetary resources are kept, all of which are heart-throbbing painful issues.

With the current fight against insecurity, insurgence, corruption, and highly placed government officials unexpectedly and seemingly found wanting, while the incumbent government still promised to step on many more toes.

Should you agree that, the immediate past Nigerian government was insensitive to the key issues affecting Nigerians – Security and Corruption, at the magnitude they are being manifested and also unfolded.

Here are my questions for you:

  1. Do you pray to see the current President Buhari ruling beyond a single term of four years; reflect on the exit of his government in 1985, in the same trend and same country?
  2. Would you advice President Buhari, been a former military head-of-state and by his democratic government on-going actions and activities on these two issues, to lay his life for Nigeria and Nigerians?
  3. Should you become the Nigerian president; will you follow President Buhari’s anticorruption steps?
  4. If your answer to question ‘2’ above is in affirmative, are you doing that for the sake of peace and tranquility in Nigeria or you fear that, his continuity in government will open all your past and buried atrocities and nemesis may catch up?

Your sincere responses and comments would be appreciated while thanking you for contributing to issues affecting a sovereign developing nation-Nigeria.


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sunday 06/03/2016 15:33

Well said my brother, the same trend no sir.